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A Brief Introduction

Mirra Fine Arts is founded and run by Radha Vijayan since the year 2000. He teaches various courses in music according to the tastes and talents of the students. Some of the popular music artistes in Singapore are trained by Radha Vijayan. The School offers courses mainly in Guitar and Electronic Keyboard. 

Mirra Fine Arts is well recognized in Singapore for offering courses in Western and Indian music on the Electronic Keyboard and Guitar, as well as coaching students for the examinations conducted by Trinity College of Music, London and ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music).

At Mirra, we truly believe in the power of music eduation. See this if you would like to know more about how music will enable your children to do well in school and life! - With Courtesy and Thanks to Fender

  • Radha Vijayan, popularly known as "VIJI" is the youngest son of talented Veteran Indian Actor Padmashree M.K. Radha. Radha Vijayan is a composer, arranger, conductor and instructor. He discovered his love for music when he was nine years old and trained under Dhanraj Master and excelled as a guitarist and keyboard player. After initially mastering the classical guitar studies of the Trinity College of Music, London and Indian Classical music under Karnataka Vainika Gana Vidyalaya, his interests were broadened to include rock, pop, blues, country, jazz and fusion.

  • Renowned Bharatanatyam legend Dr. Padma Subhramanyam was instrumental in playing a vital role in Radha Vijayan's professional career in Singapore by offering him the opportunity of conducting her compositions for the combined dance ballet "Ritu Mahathmiyam" during the "Singapore Festival of Arts-'92".

  • Active as a studio and show guitarist, he has worked with eminent music directors of Indian Movie Industry. A list of Music Directors whom he had worked with are as follows: R. Sudarsanam, S.M. Subbiah Naidu, Pandu, M.S. Viswanathan, V. Kumar, T.R. Pappa, S.V. Ramanan, Vijayabhaskar, Salil Choudry, Ravi, Ananda Shankar, Shyam, Philips, Shankar-Ganesh, Das Daniels, Manickka Vinayakam, Dhakshnamoorthy, Devarajan, R.K. Shekar, Ratnam, G.K Venkatesh, K. Ravindran, Thayanban, Ilayaraja, Ganghei Amaran, V.S. Narasimhan, L. Vaidyanathan, Deva, Vijay Anand, Devendhran, Murari, Chidambaranathan, Jhonson, Rajamani, Mohan Sithara, Balabarathy, Illaya Gangai and Illavarasan (Sirpi).

  • Conferred the Title of "Sangeetha Kala Nipuna" by Nrityalaya Aesthetics Society, Singapore
  • Recipient of "Bukit Batok Award" from Bukit Batok Community Club for his excellence in Service
  • Special invitee judge for Talent time competitions organised by Mediacorp TV12, Singapore.
  • Judge for several Competitions and talent time organised by Community Centres and affiliated organisations.
  • Musician Radha Vijayan talks about working for veteran composers and teaching music in popular Indian newspaper, The Hindu. Click here to view the article now!

  • Radha Vijayan offered his kind and professional cooperation and assistance towards the development of Korg Pa600SG Professional Arranger. His hard work as a Director, Composer, Arranger, Conductor and Consultant for the Indian musical instruments was crucial in the making of Pa600SG, which is also notably Singapore’s First Musical Keyboard.
    Take a look at the keyboard poster here,
    Radha Vijayan receiving the appreciation letter here,
    and the appreciation letter here.

  • He has done extensive research on music and had submitted the research papers on "Role of Microtones in Indian Ragaas" to National University of Singapore through Centre for Arts, Singapore on the 2nd Asian Composer's Forum in Singapore, 1993.
    The same was recorded and produced as a CD-ROM as a procedure and performance.

  • Radha Vijayan was commissioned by National Arts Council of Singapore in the year 1992 to Conduct the Chinese Orchestra for the Combined Indian Dance Programme in Singapore Festival of Arts. He featured and succeeded in starting the first Indian Choir under the advice of Mr K P Bhaskar, President of the Nrityalaya Aesthetics Society, to sing in harmony and counterpoint based on Indian Ragaas in the "Acapella" style for the first time in Singapore.
  • S Philips (The Man With The Golden Guitar)
  • One Of The Many Solo Hits : “Thottu Thottu Paadavaa”
  • Composer: Vedha
  • Film: Vallavan Oruvan
  • Gear : Hofner 1958 President Electric Archtop Guitar Fitted With Rosewood Pick-Ups Ahuja Amplifier & Philips Speakers

  • Abu Gabriel (Abu)
  • One Of The Many Solo Hits : “Engaeyum Yeppodhum”
  • Composer: M S Viswanathan
  • Film: Ninaithalae Inikkum
  • Gear: Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar, Roland Space Echo, Boss Phaser & Fender Twin Reverb Amplifier

  • Sadhanandham Sudharsanam (Sadha)
  • One Of The Many Solo Hits : “Raja Raja Shozan Naan”
  • Composer: Illaiya Raja
  • Film: Rettai Vaal Kuruvi
  • Gear : Fender Mustang Electric Guitar, Korg  A-3 Effects Processor & Fender Twin Reverb Amplifier

  • Chandra Sekhar Ranganathan (Sekhar)
  • One Of The Many Solo Hits : “Illaiya Nilla”
  • Composer: Illaiya Raja
  • Film: Payanangal Muduvadhillai
  • Gear : Epiphone Classical Guitar Made By Norlin Licolnwood, Il 60646 

Our Patron

Shri. M.S. Viswanathan

Mellisai Mannar

Shri. M.S. Viswanathan fondly called, as “Mellisai Mannar” meaning “The King of Light Music” or simply “MSV” is the only Film Music Composer to have composed incredible music for more than 1,740 movies, which besides Tamil include Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi languages. 

Being conferred with the prestigious title “Isai Perarignar” (Usually reserved for Classical Carnatic Musicians) in recognition of his service to Tamil Film Music, MSV holds a magnificent career in the cinema industry since 1952.

Manaiyangathu Subramania Viswanathan was born on July 9, 1932 in Elapulli, a village near Palakkad, Kerala. At a very young age, MSV developed a deep interest for music but was unable to afford regular training. 

Later, MSV relocated to Madras and joined Jupiter Pictures, under the band of renowned Music Director S.M. Subbiah Naidu where he started composing his own tunes by playing the harmonium under closed doors. The immense talent within MSV was duly recognized and S.M. Subbiah Naidu implemented some of MSV’s compositions without revealing the name. 

MSV made a splash on the Tamil cinema horizon during the 1950s-1960s as part of the duo, Viswanathan-Ramamurthi. The unparalleled duo started off their career with the movie “Panam” in 1952. MSV’s magnificent leap ahead took place during 1960’s where music played an imperative role for the resounding success of every movie. 

All his mesmerizing compositions during 1960’s are still remembered for their melody, that which earned him the celebrated title “Mellisai Mannar".


In November 2004, Radha Vijayan was appreciated for his contributions to the Cultural Sub-Committee for the year 2003/2004.

View Letter of Appreciation.

On 11th November 2003, we performed at the Deepavali Nite Show at the Bukit Batok Community Club.

View the choir performing.

  • View letter of appreciation from Arts For Us All (AFUA).

  • 100% Results in Trinity College London Practical Examinations Initial Grade in Electronic Keyboard.
  • 70% of the students have passed with Distinction
    1. Guduru Vidya - 97%
    2. Deepak Ram Ayengar - 94%
    3. Philip Deepak - 92%
  • 100% results in ABSRM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) Grade 1 theory exams.
  • TOP RANK - 100/100 - One of the first in Singapore - Guduru Vidya
  • The founder, Mr. Radha Vijayan, has been appointed to serve as a member of the Advisory Committee of the Choral Development Secretariat by the National Arts Council, Singapore.

Our Courses


  • Basic Electronic Keyboard Course
  • Graded Electronic Keyboard Course
  • Computer Music Course


  • Basic Guitar Course
  • Acoustic Guitar Course
  • Classical Guitar Course
  • Graded Guitar Course
  • Electric & Bass Guitar Course

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